Mother, I need to hide

Lokame Tharavadu/ The world is one family, 2021

Supported by Kochi Biennale Foundation

Curated by Bose Krishnamachari

Powder coated GI Tray with 171 Concrete letters (45 words) + Augmented Reality

1 x 43.2 x 45.5 inches


This body of work came into being from a consistent, yet unconscious witnessing of socio-political and cultural discourses that shape the citiscapes of Kerala. I have always derived my work from my own poetry, so the text or the context is given, then I moderate the material to match the aesthetic dimensions and density of my text. I think language has a necessary malleability and this needs to be encompassed in a materiality that can either contain or expand the overall experience. The text in this work is a narrative, an observation and I wanted to use a material with a strong flourish. Concrete and metal together, allow for an incumbent and strategic insistence. The inclusion of technology to this work is my way of giving up the collective resource prerogative we can no longer afford. I also believe that emerging technologies like Augmented Reality has the competency to create an uninterrupted reflection for text based works.

There are coconut trees that lie every night to the moon and the invisible camels on the streets of a city that is tired of the che in the cheat and the che in the ricocheting of Bengali dreams of fish that sing no Tagore.’

This particular verse brings attention to the unaccounted changes that hijacks the inherent culture of the city, the influx of migrants and the the impact of climate on the coastal areas.