How to put a word in a corner

100 concrete letters arranged on artist’s terrace. 

What is the word for that fear of losing one’s home.

What is the word for finding your loved one in a debris.

What is the word for not ever getting respect because your skin is a colour closer to earth. 

What is the word for the consequence of an unheard no. 

What is word for a heart that waits for a person but gets a coffin instead. 

What is the word for a mother who lost her child. 

What is the word for a man who is also afraid of walking the streets by the moon.

The fatigue contained within words is unsurmontable. For centuries and civilisations we have assigned collective entropy to particular words and stationed them among our exhaustive memories. Over a period of time this accumulation occupies a unmarked space between the sky and the earth and seep into our narratives as a convenient crutch.