Sheetal’s work is rooted in her poetry which explores the evolution and intricacies of human relationships within the urban landscape. Her practise posits a metaphorical realm where poetry uses materiality and textures  to inhabit the experiential.  Her choice of medium allows the emotional density of the text to permeate the viewer’s mind with an accumulating assurance. Sheetal employed emerging technologies like Augmented Reality to bring an unobtrusive milieu to poems cast in noble materials like concrete, which the artist describes as ‘resilient’. Her installation works evoke an intimacy that invites social retrospection and liability. 

Her first art project, Air Poetry was an Augmented Reality based application designed to project poems of solidarity and peace over Anti CAA marches.

‘For me imbibing minimalism in my work is a way of behavioural edit which I borrow from my personal narrative. As a direct response to how I have been told to conduct myself while formulating social responses as a woman – which has been a constant and unconscious exercise since childhood. It is to always curtail the excess and renegotiate everything so I may appear to have no loose ends. I have relied on visual comparisons and tried to articulate them with materiality that is un-compromised in view but makes up for the the deeper portrayal of ideas’ 

Sheetal was educated in Mumbai, and later she moved to Kochi, where she co founded a Brand Consultancy and Design Studio. She follows an art practise that refines the tangible articulation of contemporary poetry. She lives  between Mumbai and Kochi, while working towards her next work (provisionally) titled – Bodies in a City Song. 

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