Into the Beyond

Mercedes- Benz India/Group Show 2021.

Curated by Jitha Kartikeyan

Hand brushed Copper letters on aluminium composite panel + Augmented Reality

36 x 24  + 48 x 36 inches 


The world we know is constantly reshaped through digital feedback. Technology is the new religion that now accounts for both the participants as well as the absentees. The new cultures are fluid and they do not conform to a majority. They seem to pass from one orbit into another with lesser nostalgia each time. Decimation uses 3 set of texts that posits technology as an invisible intruder leading a way to a dystopian sameness in aspiration and alienation of self. It challenges the viewer to experience the contrarian with aid of technology – that which is decimating the way we perceive our individual power and presence. Within that, the semblance of autonomy is borrowed and no longer reliant on individual narratives.